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About the design

When I started on this design, I wanted a very minimalistic feel to the design of this template. I used a lot of 'soft' colours in this design as you can see. I also made sure that all the text could be adjusted in size from within the browser. So you won't find any hard-coded font sizes (pixels, points, etc.) here...

This template was tested with Mozilla 1.6 and Internet Explorer 6.0. It looks exactly as it should in both browsers.

The W3C standards I used are XHTML (XHTML 1.1 in fact) and CSS (the CSS file validates as CSS 3.0). So when you want to change the look of this design you should edit the 'stylesheet.css' file because this HTML file does not contain design elements. But be careful because if you don't know what you're doing you can seriously mess up the design. If you want to make some layout changes, then you can edit the HTML file.


This site is validated and so it is compliant with the W3C standards. Although some people say that validating is overrated, validating your site can be a very smart thing to do. If a site is valid then it means that browsers that are also compliant with W3C standards should display the site correctly. So if a site is valid then it should appear correct in most common browsers.

- CSS Validator
- XHTML Validator

The link to the CSS Validator uses the 'Advanced' version of the validator. It checks if the CSS is compliant with CSS 3.0 and it checks on all errors.

Some more info

You can use/abuse this design if you like, although I would very much appreciate it if you leave the link to my site intact, or if you replace it with my OSWD page.

If you use my design feel free to e-mail me the url of your site, so I can take a look of what you've done with my design. You can find my e-mail address on my own site.