May the 19th, 2005

Just finished the template, but it has some bugs like this news box not hiding the line from the header. If you know how to fix this, please contact me!

Welcome to the somecontrast template!

So I've got to the third template. As you can see, the colors are used better than in the previous templates. For this contrast scheme I used some tools from the Internet that choose complementary colors.

OSWD is great! It really gets me going to write another template, just for the fun of it. :D

About the design

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This is a fixed-width design that aligns to the center of the page. I used CSS and tables. I think that this way of using both tables and CSS is a much safer way for the unexperienced designer to develop his page.

Tables add the stability while CSS dictates the style. This is the best way of putting the content into a page.

Compatibility and Accesibility

Though I didn't spend too much time on making the template work on every browser and OS on this planet, it works fine in IE and Mozilla Firefox, the top browsers on the market. If you detect any bugs, feel free to contact me.

This page has validated XHTML 1.0 Transitional and CSS.