WE Like To ROCK!

X Y Z Radio Network 00.0 FM Is a collection of Rock Radio Stations that specialise in promoting new rock talent, We also have stations that play British underground rock music plus stations playing Classic rock music from the seventies with Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath to the Punk rock of the Clash, Pistols and The Jam, although we primarily play and promote US rock bands we also have room and time for exceptional talents from around the world,

if you are solo artists or musicians in a rock band and believe that you have an exceptional sound that deserves to be heard, contact us, ( although our editors have the final say on who gets played on our stations ) we have popular radio stations that cater for most styles of rock music. Also feel free to promote your band and rock music on our community pages by adding links and gig news in the appropiate sections, you can even encourage your fans to post gig reviews on your shows