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purgatory shuffle & other regrets in the afterlife

›› 09/27/87
Bought another shirt yesterday. Suprise, it's black.

›› 09/20/87
Been listening to Depeche Mode's "Music for the Masses" continuously for the past 16 days. I'm still good for another 10.

›› 08/14/87
Since I last checked, Morrissey is still a god.

Other Designs
Including this design, there are now a whopping two templates in the Culture Shock archive.

Check out Tinfoil Helmet.

My sophmore attempt at an open source design/template for OSWD is themed to a throw-back to my high school days of depressed introspection and angst fueled by a soundtrack with songs from the Cure, Bauhaus and the Smiths. Damn it, i was goth before there was even the word goth. We were called freaks and rejects and we liked it!

Wait... i'm sorry, i got a little carried away there for a minute.

Web Geek Information
Purgatory Shuffle was tested on a Windows machine with Firefox1.0.7, IE6.0, Netscape7.2 and Opera7.54 with valid css and xhtml 1.0-strict.

The header image is a hefty 23KB and the .psd is in the images folder. Bend, fold, staple and manipulate the image at will.

Since Purgatory Shuffle is open source, you're free to take it and do what you please. If you're feeling the design, let me know about it at

Now For Some Dead Language
Cui per ardentem sine fraude Troiam castus Aeneas patriae superstes liberum munivit iter, daturus plura relictis: di, probos mores docili iuventae, di, senectuti placidae quietem, Romulae genti date remque prolemque et decus omne.

Quaeque vos bubus veneratur albis clarus Anchisae Venerisque sanguis inpetret, bellante prior, iacentem lenis in hostem. iam mari terraque manus potentis Medus Albanasque timet securis, iam Scythae responsa petunt, superbi nuper, et Indi. Iam Fides et Pax et Honor Pudorque priscus et neglecta redire Virtus audet adparetque beata pleno Copia cornu.