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About Pantology

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This is my first attempt to design a site which is simple, clean and modern in look, but adheres to all the current standards and would probably pass muster for an ADA-compliant web site. The design is for an article-based site with a lot of text - I'll be using some variant of it for my music review pages.

The most important thing is that there are no tables used here, only stylesheet entries. This means that the site looks great on modern browsers and decays nicely for older browsers. The one exception is Netscape 4 - the site looks rather odd due to Netscape's broken stylesheet support, but is still useable.

Using no tables means that the source HTML is trivial and easy to read - check it out! There are no fixed pixel widths or font sizes, only percentages (with the exception of a couple of border widths and padding where it's more a style issue than a positioning one). That means the page scales extremely well to all manner of font size and screen size.

This page is valid strict XHTML 1.0, which can be useful. The accompanying stylesheet is valid, but the W3C checker posts some warnings where there are colours not matched to background colours. I've done this on purpose so that there are fewer places where the colours have to be changed when altering the look and feel - I suspect some people might want more subtle colours :)

This design is free for non-commercial use.

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