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Deneva : A rainy shade of blue.

Design : Damon Gentry

XHTML 1.1 Compliant, CSS 2.0, semi-fluid layout

Look Ma! No Tables!

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Democracy is a device that ensures we shall be governed no better than we deserve.

 - George Bernard Shaw

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Wow! I can't believe I actually finished this. I'm not really a web designer, but I really wanted to learn more about XHTML and CSS. I'm a programmer by education, a systems administrator by trade, and a web designer when I have to be. I'd much rather use someone elses's design. That's when I discovered the Open Source Web Design site. I've been browsing and using some of the sites listed on there for about 6 months when I decided it was time to contribute back to this wonderful community who has shared so much.


I designed this site for the most popular type of sites on the Internet these days, blogs. However, I think that the layout is flexible enough to support other types of sites such as intranets, and personal web sites. There is a CSS style called 'meta-info' which is shown below this paragraph.

meta information goes here / posted / category / time / link / comments

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I decided that some sections of the page content would benefit from a nice border between a heading tag. In this example, the <h3> and <h4> tags use a border-bottom CSS attribute that separates the title from the content.

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This page validates as XHTML 1.1 compliant and uses 2 cascading style sheets, one for layout and one for styles. All font information, such as name, color, and sizing can be found in the 'style_deneva.css' file. All positioning and layout tags such as margin, padding, float, and width can be found in the 'layout_deneva.css' file.