The layout of this website is a deeply modified version of andreas05-alternative, which is designed by Andreas Viklund.

The original design resulted to be Valid XHTML 1.1, Valid CSS 2 and it passed the Automatic Checkpoints test for WAI-AA Conformance of Watchfire WebXACT. Among other things, this new design passed the WAI-AAA test and also the Colour Contrast Check test.

I made my first homepage in 1996, taking inspiration for the layout from the homepage of a young scandinavian mathematician whose name I forgot (Andreas lives there too but I'm sure it's just a coincidence).

However, I'm a MSc Computer Engineer so if you need an engineer, feel free to contact me but if you need a web designer, contact Andreas :)

Naturally, I suggest you to view this pages (as the rest of the Internet) with a real browser.