TEMPLATE A24: LaBlue Corporate Series

Liquid, Absolute, Valid Xhtml & CSS


A24: LaBlue Corporate Series

    Comes in 8 different color schemes, one for each department or office; or create your own custom color scheme.

8 Individual Color Schemes:
A. Corporate Travel Office or Travel Agency
B. Human Resources
C. Division of Administration
D. Purchasing
E. Information Services
F. Public Relations Department
G.Chief Executive Officer and Staff
H.Legal Department

      This is Mikey (www), Southern USA, and this is my 24th submission, Template A24. Originally designed for a gov travel office, hereby submitted for open source. Has special effects, dropshadow header text, when viewed in IE. Unique colors and imaging, liquid width, absolute wrap, valid Xhtml & CSS, <h1> text positioned over the left logo seal. Durable, tested in IE, Mozilla, Nvu (best freeware editor), and Dreamweaver; uniform look; feel; and navigation. Not required, but please leave the link back to this site in the footer. Also take take a peek at: my other premium designs.

*PHP RANDOM CSS STYLESHEET SELECTOR SCRIPT, from Brett7481. Yes, rotating stylesheets. Just visit Brett's site.

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