6 and counting

Posted on August 28, 2005 by Kevin Cannon

Hello, and welcome to Threshold. This is my 6th design for OSWD. I was inspired to make this design by two great books I recently read. 'Web Standards Solutions' by Dan Cederholm (simplebits.com), and 'The Zen of Css Design' by Dave Shea (mezzoblue.com). If you haven't read these yet, I strongly suggest you go to your local library and check them out.
Anyways, as I promised in my template limeade, the design is pink.

NOTE => All images were created by ME in photoshop except the main image in the header which is from the stock x-change (No usage restrictions).

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Web Standards

Posted on August 28, 2005 by Homer Simpson

Threshold adheres to web standards with a passion. The markup, valid Xhtml, is lean and stripped down, doing away with unecessary divs and clutter. Content and styling are kept separate, so the layout degrades perfectly in browsers that don't support css. Other acessability features like a print stylesheet ensure that everyone gets the most out of the template.
The Css is also lean. I've made the most of combining styles to ensure that no line of code is wasted. Its laid out logically, and commented so beginners will have no problem making changes.

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Posted on August 28, 2005 by Peter Griffin

Soon after I began releasing templates on OSWD, I started getting business offers for custom designs and templates. So just to let you know, I do freelance web design, and I would be happy to design your web site/template, or even some custom icons. So be sure to drop me a line via oswd if you need something done.

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