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About this design...

This design was originally created by looking at the Microsoft.com site. However, absolutely no code was copied or used from the Microsoft site. It is simply a visual rendering rewritten in XHTML 1.0 Strict along with CSS 2.0.

I didn't like my FrontPage site because...it looked too FrontPagie. So I was doing an MS update and saw thier site and decided I'd like to try to remake it. I hope you like it.

I've spent over 300 hours on this design since Jan. 3, 3004. I learned a lot from this design throughout this year.


This design looks best using IE 5.0 and up using a resolution of 800×600. This design has actually been written twice. The first time, I used tables, bad html grammar and the lot. But on the second go around, I only used DIV's to align tabular data. The positioning of DIV's takes some doing until you get used to it, but fortunately, I had a lot of practice while making GradientX.
Also, make sure you view this in a maximized window. I used mostly precents instead of pixels or something else. So it looks ok in 800×600 and looks great in 1024×768.

Some classes and id's in the style sheets aren't used in this design, but feel free to play around with them and see how they look.
A note on the CSS filter effects: Filters are only useable in IE. A way to make the gradients show in Netscape is to use an image. (I've found that the GIMP2 does a nice gradient.) Other than that, it should work.

Any suggestions or improvements to this site are greatly appreciated. You can reach me at Ctyonthehil@safe-t.net