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Welcome to my boxes layout page. Lot's of stuff can go here, but there is little else to say! I really like this colour scheme to be honest, it's nice and bright. You can of course tone it down with greys, and use burgundy throughout. I originally designed it for a community interested in content management, and publishing content on the internet easily and quickly. Shockingly for me, this works in IE and Mozilla well!
You might as well also know that this site's css validates, and is xhtml strict 1.0 too. Still, use firefox!

Valid XHTML 1.0! Valid CSS!


Site news would obviously go here. Whatever you want.


My current projects include doing lots of fun stuff.

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Who runs the site? Well you hopefully. I designed it for you to enjoy!


I like community sites, so I want a member showcase, and user info bit here.