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Page Title

Another turn of fate
  by Frans Wouters

people passing 
walking by like drifting clouds 
rain clattering 
a child who shouts 

a platform full of men and women 
yet not the ones I seek 
standing there, waiting 
an assault on my fatique 

minutes became hours 
still no sign of recognision 
faces flashing by 
that's when I made that decision 

no more, never again 
chances thrown aside 
I'm not going to break 
for I have my pride 

I backed away 
and went upstream 
shoulders shaking 
yet with self-asteem 

those doors getting closer 
I'm getting closer to my goal 
to cancel all those plans 
for they were a barrier for my soul 

and I left
BTW: This is my first open-source template
Have fun with it