Hello World this is the page section class where you will put any valuable information. This design have been fully validated as XHTML 4.0 compliant.

If you would like to use this design please email me at arisstotle(at)gmail.com and include a link to the site you plan to use this design in.

This design was inspired by the picture (seen above) that i found while browsing through the archives at the STOCK.XCHG website. The name of the design originated from the resemblance of the feather in the picture and the feather synomyous with the Apache Indians.

If you want to add more boxes to the sidebar simply inclose a list or paragraph of text with a set of <div></div> tags and set the style class to "side-box", I've tried to include simple class names to make changing the design easyier. If you have any suggestions or request concering this design or other designs, or if you want help designing your own web site, just drop me an email at arisstotle(at)gmail.com, I'b be more than happy to help. Thank You!