This is where the main content actually goes. You can write about anything you like to stick in here, that's the great thing about Open Source Web Design. You can fill this entire area up with all of your juicy content and let everyone on the planet take a look at what you've produced.

The more content you've got the better the design actually looks. Most people seem to use Latin to fill up gaps, I like to write any old rubbish that comes in to my head.

About the Design

This is my first design for OSWD, I was inspired to do it when I saw how many quality designs were already available. I'm a Software Engineering student at the University of Southampton in the United Kingdom and I can be found on my personal website.
This is the subcontent of the page. You can put anything you like down here, maybe some interesting footnotes a random quote -- whatever you want! The background for the footer is actually a little gradient that goes to black, if I type more you'll get to see it.

I'm not sure I want to type much more. There's only so much pointless text one person can write before they start ranting about random things, oh look, I've started ranting.