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Hey Todays Special news is very very very special it will make your whole life easier and fucking better believe but the is only one prob DAMN! i dont rember it wait a min i think that it's about ... ... ... nah fuck i cant remember this ... Thats bad DAMMMMMMMMNNNNN it was very special but ... fuck it ...



So today i design my old homepage again but this time for Oswd yep i saw many persons uploading the designs of their old homepage so i recreate my old homepage with some improvements of course ... Also as you already saw i forgot the todays special new DAMN it was very special it could change our whole lifes ... damn anyway fuck it

I also have moved my homepage at bizland.com take a link [here] and if you folow this [link] you'll always find one my lattest screenshot .

0hhhh damn i change my email too this week :) well a lot of thinks have change anyway c ya later ...




Newspapper design created and uploaded at OSWD. Like the other designs this one too has been tested under netscape only and NEVER on full screen -who's using a web-browser in full screen-. Also i think that now i'll start writing my site and i think that it will be ready in 1-2 days here's a link.


Freeze Design haz been made ... Also i have upload my new Linux-b0x loGo so click [here] to take a look. Basicly This is the Pentium 4 Logo with a little modification.


Dark-place tempelate has been created



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